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Soul Regression Therapy (SRT)

Soul Regression Therapy is a form of hypnotherapy that takes individuals back in time to unlock the memories and previous life experiences concealed in their subconscious mind. Soul Regression Therapy consists of 2 parts: Past Life Regression Therapy and Life Between Lives Therapy.

During Past Life Regression Therapy, the person is taken to their mother's womb, to their past life, to resolve problems, feelings, or emotions that were not resolved in the past life. The person can also connect with their Spirit Guide. In the Life Between Lives Session, a person is taken back to a life relevant to their current issue. There, they can connect to their soul group to understand their life journey and those of others.

The person can also look at their Akashic record and meet with their spiritual masters or family members. An SRT session is done to explore and understand your soul journey, the reason behind your life pattern, and to find your life purpose. It can also help you to:

-  Understand the deep connections with certain people, things, or places.

-  Explore past and current soulmate experiences.

-  Find solutions for unresolved emotions, fears, and beliefs that you have been unable to explain.

-   Acknowledge key lessons learned in your life.

“All the records of your past lives are contained within your own mind, just as the records of your ancestors are contained within your DNA.” ~ Frederick Lenz
My experience with Soul Regression Therapy

My interest in Past Life Regression started when I read a book by Brian Weiss, an American psychologist who specialises in Past Life Regression. Therefore, when my friend offered me a session on Past Life Regression, I happily accepted, as I wanted to know whether my husband and I had met in our past lives. During the session, I was fascinated because I could "see" different lifetimes when our paths crossed. There was a time when I was a poor man and he was a wealthy woman; therefore, "she" refused to marry me. There was a time when I was a rich boy and he was a peasant girl, so I disliked "her." However, there was a time in the session when I suddenly cried to the point that I could not breathe, as I had just accidentally killed him.


This experience invoked my curiosity even more strongly, as I did not expect that strong surge of emotion to come out of me. I decided to take Hypnotherapist and Soul Regression Therapy training from Lorna Jackson and John Jackson from Hypnotherapy Learning Hub Australia.

I also decided to try more sessions on myself to see what I could get from them. Please read on to decide whether this can benefit you.

A deeper understanding of my mom

Like many others, I used to have problems with my mom. In the past, I thought that perhaps I was adopted. During the Past Life Regression, when I was in my mom's womb, I could sense my mom's excitement about having me. It was almost like I could feel her spirit. The experience enabled me to see my mom in a different light. I have more understanding and compassion toward her.


A tendency to stay under the radar

One of the beliefs that I used to have was that I needed to stay under the radar. In one of my Past Life Regression sessions, I "saw" myself working as a journalist and people beat me up because of my writing. Therefore, I arranged for my wife and daughters to return to our home country, as I worried about their safety. During the session, I felt highly nauseated, as if I were being hit in the stomach. I was fascinated by this experience, and it gave me insight into how to talk to myself. Whenever I think about keeping things small and flying under the radar, I tell myself that it’s just my past talking.

Life Between Lives Session—Feeling guilty

There was a time when I did not wish to support one of my family members, but I felt as though I had to, as I was brought up with the value of helping others. This made me wonder whether I owed this person money in my past life. Therefore, this person had come to collect what was due.

I decided to seek the answer by taking the Life Between Lives session. During the session, I learned that my guilty feelings toward this person had nothing to do with money. Contrary to popular belief, I did not owe this person anything. However, through a Life Review Session, I realised that my lesson related to this person was to stand my ground and not feel guilty about my actions. Meanwhile, this person's life lesson was to not rely on others.


This session freed me from my belief about the obligation to help others, as my life lesson is to create healthy boundaries. The other highlight of my LBL session was the chance to "meet" my grandfather and hear him giving me words of encouragement. Fascinated by my experience, I decided to dive deep into this area and become the SRT Trainer for the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub (Australia).


If you are trying to figure out the purpose of your life and why you have strong emotions about something you can't explain, a repeating pattern in your life that prevents you from moving forward, I highly recommend Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression. There is a big difference between listening to someone who tells you what to do and experiencing it personally from a spiritual level.

Please check my event page if you like a session or want to learn Soul Regression Therapy. 

No more fear or guilt, which keeps you from fully living in the present and embracing your purpose here and now!


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