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Access Consciousness Energy Therapy

Science has discovered that our brains can block memories that are painful for us to remember. However, this does not mean that once it is out of sight, then everything is ok. On the contrary, all these memories are kept in our subconscious mind, which can be a reason why we are too afraid to move forward in life.


As an Access Consciousness Facilitator (CFMW), I provide Access Bars, Access Body Processes, Access Energetic Facelift therapy, and energetic clearing. These methods can facilitate the release of such memories from the subconscious brain, thereby increasing your well-being and giving you a much-needed boost to stand on your power and create a deep sense of ease and well-being—a purposeful and happy life that you are proud of.

Access Bars

Access Bars from Access Consciousness is a hands-on therapy that can help you release emotions that keep you stuck or create anxiety in your life. After a 60- to 90-minute session, you can feel the difference in your stress level. Some clients said it is almost like getting a “new head”. It enables you to improve your focus and decision-making ability. As you release the junk in your mind, you have more energy and the ability to look at things as they are. Consequently, you have a better ability to pursue your goals and enjoy life to the fullest. This therapy is suitable for anyone, including children. It is reported that Bars can help children improve their academic performance.


Access Energetic Facelift

Access Energetic Facelift is a unique body process to rejuvenate the skin on your face and other body parts. You do not have to be touched (if you are too sensitive) to enjoy the benefits of Access Energetic Facelift. Some clients reported having more baby hair or their face looking sharper after regularly undergoing this process.  


To create lasting change, you need to book 20 sessions of Access Energetic Therapy. If you know how to perform this process, you can perform it on yourself as required.

Access Consciousness

Body Processes

Access Consciousness also comes with more than 50 other body processes you can learn or receive. My favourite body technique is MTVSS, which can help you enhance your immune system. Another favourite of mine is MDDM. If you want to know more about Access Consciousness Body Process, please visit  Please note that these powerful therapy works are available in person only and are suitable for everyone. After a session, you’ll find a deeper sense of ease, well-being, and purpose. 

What Devi’s client said about her energy therapy

“My husband does not believe in energy therapy. But two occasions made him change his mind, so he asked me to give this testimony to Devi.  The first occasion is related to my son. My son has difficulty staying focused. Then I applied the Body Process that I learned from Devi. From that day onwards, I saw that he could concentrate better and receive better school marks.  The second occasion was related to my husband. One day, my husband hit a pedicab driver. I told the pedicab driver that I could give him energy therapy, which I did. I also did energy clearing so that the atmosphere did not heat up. By doing this, I assume it made him feel better; therefore, he did not need to prolong the problem, even though my husband still gave money. After that, my husband became open and asked for therapy so his mind would be lighter. Thank you, Miss Devi.” Marni (Indonesia)


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