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4 Day Soul Regression Therapy Course

Date: 21 -24 January 2023

Location: Bali

This course consists of recorded video lectures by John Jackson and Lorna Jackson, the founder of Hypnotherapy Learning Hub plus four-days in-person classes.

This is an opportunity to come together with your peers and learn to facilitate both Past Life and Between Life Regression. You will study the theory part of the course prior to attending the live training so that the majority of your live training will be focused on the practical elements of Past and Between Life Regression.

Graduates of this course are fully equipped and confident to establish themselves as Soul Regression Therapists and set up in practice if they chose to do so. All the support materials and scripts are provided including free ongoing monthly Zoom supervision/mentoring groups with John and Lorna during and after the course. The Live Soul Regression Therapy Course is recognised by IICT so you will be able to obtain practitioner insurance in many parts of the world.

Topics covered in the  Certificate of Soul Regression Therapy

During the online and live training, you will learn closely guarded hypnotic methods, regression techniques and insiders information that could take you years to learn. Much of the content is not available in any other training. In fact, some of the so-called best courses just teach their students basic relaxotherapy technics. This course teaches you how to provide deep and prolonged hypnosis (up to 4 hours). Providing this deep hypnotic trance enables a client to access the deep levels of their subconscious mind. By doing this the client may gain an understanding of who they were in a past life and also to the core-essence of problems that have perhaps travelled with them across many lifetimes.

   You also learn:

  • History of Regression therapy

  • How to conduct a client interview

  • How to use "theta-wave" technology to ease your clients into hypnosis

  • Womb regression

  • Understand different methods of regression

  • How to handle spontaneous catharsis

  • Practice safe and successful past-life regression therapy

  • How to access multiple past lives in one session

  • How to release karmic complexes from the current life and past lives

  • Releasing and healing subconscious blocks, negative habits, phobias, recurring cycles, fears and pain

  • How to find the source of present-day problems from past lives

  • Knowledge of essential psychopathology and contra-indicators for regression therapy

  • How to bring forward creative abilities from past lives to enrich the present life

  • Discovering soul agreements

  • How to deal with important metaphysical situations that can arise, which could include how to talk to negative entity attachments and release them safely

  • How to Connect the client to their "Higher Self or Over Soul."

  • How to guide the client to that afterlife or between life to meet with guides, Elders and learn about their soul history

  • Soul-Mate/friend connections

  • Spirit counselling and communication that includes contact with souls from past lives, spirit guides, deceased loved ones

  • Discover your client's Immortal Souls Purpose and how it affects life choices

  • How to connect with Master Spirit Guides

  • How to remove blocks from the energy field


This Course is taught to the highest standards of Hypnosis and Spiritual Hypnotherapy. We teach you REAL hypnosis, powerful induction and deepening techniques that will put most people in hypnosis; even the most difficult subjects can achieve deep somnambulistic levels of relaxation.

You also received:

  • Group Zoom Supervision/Mentoring with Lorna and John Jackson.


  • Unlimited Access to the recorded video demonstrations by Lorna Jackson on Past Life Regression and Afterlife Regression sessions for continuation learning and practice.


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